Space Saving Sleeves

Space Saving Sleeves

Space Saving SleevesSpace Saving SleevesSpace Saving Sleeves

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Reduce the size of your cd, Dvd & Blu-ray collections by 75%!



Made of 100% virgin poly, these sleeves replace the clunky jewel box and reduce your space by 75% without any harm to your graphics or CDs!  Holds front and back graphics to create a gatefold with a spine just like a mini-LP!  And... they fit in any standard CD shelf.

DVD / Blu-Ray Sleeves


Made from extra-sturdy 8-gauge frosted vinyl, this semi-rigid sleeve holds the tray card and booklet on one side.  The DVD stores in a clear archival polypropylene pocket that has a non-scratching Tyvek back and a window flap in front.

Windowed Inner Sleeves


Quality inner CD sleeves made from 16# White paper with archival poly lining to protect CD surfaces.  Fits directly over CD for extra protection.  Also, allows you to stack discs in our CD Sleeves for multi-disc sets.  You can stack 2 on each side.

How They Work

Check out this video on how to save space for your CD and DVD collections.

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